The Curiosity Approach

Our Curiosity Journey

What is the Curiosity Approach?

The Curiosity Approach allows children to have the freedom to explore, experiment, be curious and play in an environment which is designed to meet each individual child's needs.

As we work towards our Curiosity Approach Accreditaion we are designing an individual Curriculum which combines the natural, authentic and open-ended resources we offer in our setting with children's experiences and the support we provide for every individual child to enable them to progress.

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Benefits of the Curiosity Approach.

 The Curiosity Approach supports Child-initiated play, allowing children to develop skills for future learning, life and work. Children of all ages initiate their own play and need to be allowed time, space, and independent learning opportunities to be able to develop these skills. From the baby who chooses their own rattle to put in their mouth to learn about textures and feelings, to the four-year-old who is deciding which tool is best for digging a hole in the garden to search for treasure!


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Further guidance

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