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Welcome to Abbey Mill Childcare Ltd

Learning Stories

At Abbey Mill Childcare we design a “Learning Story” for every child, working in collaboration with families, other staff and the child themselves. Each individuals Learning Story:

  • Is written for and to the child and their family
  • Describes what was seen, “with the heart”
  • Makes meaning of events
  • Invites family contributions

These Learning Stories provide opportunities:

  • To make learning visible
  • To facilitate and support conversations with families
  • For children to revisit and reflect on what they have done
  • For practitioners to reflect, raise questions and develop next steps in learning through the environment around them and resources available for children to play with and investigate.

Each Learning Story contains creations the children have produced and observations, both written and using ICT (Cameras and Video) with bring your child’s story to life and develop meaning for each child and their family. Links are made to Curriculum for Excellence, Pre-Birth to Three and Building the Ambition to show progression in development and learning based on National Guidance.


The final document is a celebration of achievements that belongs to each family and can be shared with others whom have an interest in your child’s progress, learning and successes!

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