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Stay and Play

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Our Stay and Play programme has been specially developed to build links between families and the nursery and to support parents, carers and children build relationships and develop basic skills through play and interaction.


The programme varies depending on the childs age and involves the use of a variety of stimulating and fun activities and carefully developed play packs which can be used at home to link home and nursery activities. Staff give out play packs when they feel they match a child’s development stage and always support parents with their use. The play packs vary in activities and feedback is encouraged to ensure children and parents are having fun and benefiting from their contents.


Stay and play sessions within the playrooms also take place once a month and we encourage parents, carers or family members to come along for these sessions to take part in their child’s nursery life and environment. These sessions allow you to play along and bond with your child and the staff involved in their day to day care.


To further enhance our programme we also hold Stay and Play Family Open Days on three weekends throughout the year for those unable to attend the monthly sessions.


These sessions work on a drop-in basis and allow parents and family members the opportunity to spend time with their child in their playroom and to become more involved in the nursery and their child’s development and learning.


These sessions are open to all parents/carers and their child/children and each playroom is set up with activities and information as to how these enhance children’s development. Staff are also available to hold informal discussions with regards children’s development and learning.

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